Ana sayfa Sağlık Haberleri The Enraged Muscle Men

The Enraged Muscle Men


When I was very young, I was a big fan of wrestling being shown on the TV every week. It was fun and tantalizing how the wrestlers perform their moves and how the audiences cheered them on the ring. They were flipping the bodies of their opponent back and front. Some are doing some jumping aerobatic attacks and dropping on the faces of the other wrestlers.

It was very entertaining and makes you dream to have such body and athletic capabilities. As I watched weekly, I find that their work as an entertainer was quite demanding. There are matches where one wrestler was shown being beaten up to a pulp but still managed to show up for the next week’s show. It was mesmerizing for children like us since they were like superheroes, that no matter what the enemies did to them; they keep rising up and perform their task with dedication.


The Fake Show

Well as I grew and my mind mature, I realized that the wrestling matches are just for show. There are fake and was predetermined or scripted if you must say. As information becomes more accessible, so does the realization of the truth regarding wrestling entertainment. Compare that to the traditional and legit wrestling sport; the fake ones are more entertaining which attracted more people to believe it as the real one.

As the time goes on, the wrestling shows on TV become ridiculous and more creative than ever needed. There are already incorporating settings that are too unreal and makes unbearable to watch. Even though, there are still people watching the show since some portions of it is very entertaining.

The Truth

Regardless if the show is fake or scripted, the entertainers are still amazing. Even though their movement within the ring is rehearsed, their physical capabilities are amazing and legit. With those body and muscle masses, just trying to lift their opponent’s body must be very difficult and demanding.

And superstars are more amazing since they are required to show up and fight in a match every week. From rehearsing and performing during the show, with those heavy lifting and exhausting movements, it is surprising to repeat that for months or even for years.

The Sad Truth

Even though most of them are athletes, with those huge muscles, there is a possibility that large percentage of them uses steroids or testosterone induced drugs. There are chances that their body is built-up with help of these drugs since you will notice how unnatural some of their muscles and veins are popping off their muscles. Hence, there are cases of a drug overdose and abuse to attain those bodies and to help them maintain to perform on a daily basis.

Testosterone injection is strictly regulated and may be illegal in some country since it has a suggested starting dose to reduce side effects. But even such drugs have a medical purpose, which is why it is a prescription drug that only can be determined by a licensed physician. Since it is also most common drug that use by bodybuilders to help them build up their body into solid rock muscles, it is also the most abused by athlete around the world.


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