Ana sayfa Sağlık Haberleri Are You Interested in Learning How To Pole Dance?

Are You Interested in Learning How To Pole Dance?


A pole dancing classes are a dancing exercises for fitness and as such many women venture into it regardless of the fair amount of stigma attached to it – its strip club origin. Wondering what to expect when you go to a pole dance class? We’ll take the mystery out of it for you before you even get there!


Warmup is usually done at the beginning of the class by stretching your body to enable your blood flow properly. Unlike gym classes, in this exercise, you are to go through a series of stretches. Some of these techniques are designed to train your body and mind usually referred to yoga poses, and some dance moves as well.

There will also be some hip rotation exercises, back arching, some rotational movement in one point coupled with the normal stretches that you are meant to do. Depending on your instructor, you can expect to engage in some muscles burning exercises.

If your instructor has a heavy fitness leaning, you can also expect some pushups and ab exercises like crunches that will really make you burn your muscles.


The first exercise you will be instructed to do is to walk around the pole looking elegant and beautiful. The instructors for the pool dancing always come with their well prepared choreography to teach the class. After this, the routine dance steps that the instructors prepared will then be learned in the class. Some of these dance steps are sexy and seductive. One of which is the girly pushup. This is done by laying on the floor, push yourself up from your booty slowly and sensually to showcase your natural endowments.


All the other lessons discussed above will be applied together in a pleasurable way accompanied by music and this is what we refer to as choreography. While the class is going on, the choreography is repeated and in a short time you will pick up with the dance and go with the music. It is much fun when you try out all that the various instructors have prepared for the dance classes. To make it more exciting, different instructors prepare their own choreography for you to give a trial. Some of the dance style are feminine while others help to enhance your flexibility.

Pole dancing classes are designed so you can stay fit and it is done with no much effort as it tends to be very interesting enhancing your feminine sexy shape.


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